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how bray keeps me wanting to work for them

I just got to hong kong. the sky is blue. the wind is lovely. the sun shining. took the train to tsing yi, and then to the hotel. as I walked up to the desk, a cute receptionist looked at me, smiled, and said welcome back to hong kong. I have no idea how she knew, and don't know whether to be amazed with their service, feel bad that I don't remember her, or to think back on my exceptionally drunk nights in hong kong for some event that escaped me. she gave me my room card, passed a message to call my buddy hk stanley. I noticed that it was room 4208, which means it's in their newer building. I asked if it was, and she confirmed, and said there were no more available room 12s so we upgraded you to a suite. hk maggie always reserves a room with a good view for me here, which means one on the corner facing the water. 4208 does too, except from a hell of a lot higher, and with a hell of a nicer room. 

how can traveling businessmen complain if they get this kind of treatment? I feel like a high roller at the nicest casino in hong kong (except I actually like it here. I don't care for casinos.)

so thanks hong kong maggie!

July 31, 2009 @ 3:38am . 42 views . 4 comments


you can see my hotel room (and my first YouTube video posted from my iPhone using nothing but cell traffic!) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olbjTnu_ua8

THE Lowly Peon | July 31 @ 4:38am

Whoa, that's awesome! Love the view!

kate | July 31 @ 7:42am

Very jealous.

Will | July 31 @ 8:14am

A nice view, and a nice room, too!

Poppy | August 1 @ 3:25am