Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very proud to to announce that avalantern.com will be going live tomorrow, Sunday, August 8, 2009, sometime in the late evening.

So prepare some blogs to write, links to link to, photos to post, and a general excitement, for the wait is almost over!


August 8, 2009 @ 6:19pm . 24 views . 4 comments


The moment I've been waiting for! We should have an online party. I'll bring the ASCII party favors.

hulkamaniac | August 8 @ 7:03pm

Sometime late in the evening? Late enough that it becomes Sunday, August 9, 2009?

Poppy | August 8 @ 9:46pm

Woo!! So exciting!!

Keri | August 8 @ 10:56pm

hulk, hell yes! i'll bring the binary booze.

poppy, i'm not totally sure when i'll finish. i still have some work to do, and want to make sure it's perfect. i'll be working all day tomorrow, and hope to have it finished before dinner!

THE Lowly Peon | August 9 @ 1:04am