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i am a computer geek for a ginormous manufacturing company based in houston. houston is surely not my favorite place on earth, but the company is soon sending me to china! i am very excited about this. i like apple computers, and i like web development.

i like good music. if you're curious about specifics, just know that no one has better musical taste than i, unless, of course, it is identical. i'm a big sap for cheeesy love songs.

i also like good movies. people tend to disagree with me about what movies are good. i'm also a sucker for sappy love movies.

i have an idea of my "best self" (to use ethan hawke's words in before sunset), and sadly, nearly every aspect of that "best self" conflicts with every other aspect. thus, my mind tends to be all over the place. i like to think i'm a jack of all trades, and i'm surely a master of none.

and just remember: the sun's not yellow; it's chicken.
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