never pay for what should be free

i'm in hong kong right now. i've been high as a kite since i first arrived. i spent most of today wandering around and seeing the sites. great time.

then i figured it was time to get some work done. using my iphone's new compass and accurate gps, it told me where i could find some good internet. i arrived at pacific coffee in central.

as i was paying for my italian soda, i asked if the internet was free. they said just recently they made it paid. it's with PCCW, one of the bigger service providers here in HK.

i paid a few dollars for 24 hours of connectivity, assuming i'd be programming a bunch, and you can get PCCW almost anywhere in this city (subways, on the street, restaurants, malls, etc).

then i started working. i made a small change to a very very important file (for those of you who know it, it's the .htaccess file). it's 9kb. very small. it downloaded it, i made the edit, and then it tried uploading. it got part way there and then dropped out. now i can't upload it. it looks like the internet is blocking ftp uploads to 1kb or something. so i can upload files that are like 1 line, but that's it.

so now is dead. because of this goddamn internet connection. i am very frustrated.

so my advice to all of you is this: never trust anyone else's internet, and never pay for what should be free.

(i wonder if i'll even be able to post this...)

August 1, 2009 @ 2:51am . 32 views . 3 comments


do not ever pay for PCCW internet access. several protocols are blocked. i can't freaking believe this. i can use VNC either.

THE Lowly Peon | August 1 @ 2:55am

or VPN. this is the most worthless internet connection i've ever used. or tried to use, at least.

THE Lowly Peon | August 1 @ 2:55am

hahahahaha oh man how i love my iPhone. i just used my iPhone's gprs connection to remote into my mac mini, to which i emailed the file, and then uploaded from there.

iPhone, you will always have a place in my heart. PCCW, you will rot in hell.

THE Lowly Peon | August 1 @ 2:58am