peterdot's top five Coolest Guys Ever

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  Person Points
1. Will Compernolle 10
2. Liza Murray 5
3. Thompson Murray 5
4. Thomas Jefferson 5
5. Neil Young 5

klcomp's top five Coolest Guys Ever

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  Person   notes
1. Will Compernolle Can't leave him stranded on his own list; he IS very cool
2. Peter Tied for first. No comment necessary
3. Da Vinci An all around talented guy
4. Thomas Jefferson Not my homeboy, but impressive nonetheless
5. Mr Darr College head of Art Dept. Cool. Bearded. Smart


The Invincible Blab on December 15 @ 2:42pm

what about me?

Saulemander on October 30 @ 1:07am

haha even though your mother said you tied for first, she still put you second peter..HAHAHAHA

Will on October 29 @ 6:16pm

Mom. I can't believe I forgot daVinci! oh jeesh! I have no idea who #5 is. And I strongly disagree with this #2 character, but everything is fabulous!