all in the timing

i'll tell it like it happened, as it happened.

daisy and i were hanging out. usual hang-out-with-daisy day. we got back to my house and i plugged in my iPhone to charge/sync. i've been trying to get into the habit of plugging it into my mini-server any chance i get.

we were hanging out listening to music for about an hour when i heard my iphone start to make lots of whoosh noises. if you have an iPhone, you know what i mean. for those of you who still haven't made it into heaven yet, that means an email, previously in my outbox waiting to send, has sent successfully.

i thought it was strange. but, i've been changing my email structure around a bit since getting MobileMe, so i figured i had done something wrong, or the wifi at work was busted and my GPRS data signal was chinese.

we had a good night and all that good stuff, and then i came to work. i was reading through my RSS feeds (but only during my allocated 10 minute break per 4 hours, of course), when i stumbled across an article regarding a topic which i consider myself to be fairly in-the-know of: 'China Starts/Stops Blocking Google'.


i disregarded it, as i do most articles i read on slashdot. but then i saw reference to it the new york times (which is slightly more reputable). i started to take it seriously. and then i pieced together that strange email thing. and looked at the timestamps on my recently sent email, and sure enough, google and gmail were blocked for several hours in china.

for those of you who have listened to me rant before, i have a somewhat open invitation to china that says, roughly, you can take my youtube, and you can take my porn and politically interesting sites from me, but the day you take google from me is the day i give you the finger, pack up, and learn how to hack into your silly green dam spyware.

so i guess you're lucky i was at work during that time and didn't notice.

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sidenote: if you're interesting in some hilarious political reading, check out the article in the times that i linked to.

THE Lowly Peon | June 26 @ 5:05am