watermelon baby

remember back in the day when there were no seedless watermelons?

i remember eating them and spitting out all the black seeds. somehow, this was half the point of eating watermelon. more importantly, it was necessary to survive. because we all knew, back then, that eating a black seed without sufficient chewing, could result in death, or worse: a watermelon growing in your belly.

of course, times have changed. we no longer need to worry about this, because scientists have developed a method of breeding watermelons together such that after a while, there are very few seeds. we call this "genetic modification" despite the fact that many people think that term only applies to needles and DNA and frankenstein.

china, however, is still a developing country. they still have black seeds in watermelon.

today at work, a colleague of mine was munching on one in my office, and grabbed one of those fancy paper clip things (not paper clips, the really strong metal things that are really fun to play with), and used it to pick out the seeds. i expressed my understanding in not wanting to give birth to a watermelon.

another colleague in my office (both american) said, in all seriousness, that the acid in your stomach won't let that happen. then, the guy who ruined my fancy paper clip, said, also in complete seriousness, you've got a college degree and you still think that can happen?

is my sarcasm that bad? do people really think i'm that stupid? or am i just hanging out with people that generally come from a less educated environment and don't realize that a comment like that is so far out that there's no chance in hell i meant it seriously.

June 30, 2009 @ 1:07am . 67 views . 4 comments


haha...so funny...just today i was thinking how much i wanted watermelon!

Saulemander | June 30 @ 5:11am

baby watermelons are delicious!

kate | June 30 @ 7:32am

that's horrible! you like eating dead babies [watermelons]?! like all the dead baby watermelon jokes?

what's the best way to get a bunch of dead baby [watermelons] out of a blender? with a straw.

(or something. i hate dead baby jokes)

THE Lowly Peon | June 30 @ 7:54am

Ahhh, not what I meant! No dead babies!!

kate | July 3 @ 2:31pm