a true salesman

i just went out for dinner with two colleagues and a supplier of ours. he's from taiwan, which is where his company is, but he's been living in houston for the last ten years.

the first two questions he asked me, after the usual how's-it-going type stuff:

  • are you originally from belgium?
  • do you work for a consulting firm?

is this a true sales guy or what? the best part is that he had no reason to ask either of those questions, except that he knew i was from chicago, and apparently am as handsome as a true belgian. the latter question is flattering because it implies, somehow, that i was sought after. just to clarify.

July 10, 2009 @ 9:42am . 52 views . 2 comments



Saulemander | July 10 @ 1:16pm

meh. i guess meh.

THE Lowly Peon | July 10 @ 6:02pm