there's a strange feeling going through my body right now. i'm not sure i've felt it before -- at least in this situation.

i'm going to see manchester united (aka "the yankees of association football") today at 黄龙 sports stadium, as they slaughter the local hangzhou football team. i've always enjoyed, to a degree, going to pubs with friends and watching a game on tv while we drink delicious booze and i make cracks at the sport. but i've never been really into sports (ever since i had to actually try out for high school baseball).

now, though, i'm getting ready to go to see this game with daisy, and we're meeting a friend of mine for drinks before. it's strange -- i feel very energized, very awake. i think the right word to describe it is "excited".

yes, that's right. i'm really excited to go see this game. i have no idea who's on what team, the name of the guy that was just sold for $800m (or something), or even why the association football coaches don't look like they're either coming from the gym or are just too lazy to get dressed like in american football. but i'm excited.

hopefully i'll get some good photos. we're sitting first row, back right corner of the north goal.

yay for sports!

July 26, 2009 @ 12:30am . 41 views . 5 comments


wait...u actually tried out for high school baseball?

Saulemander | July 26 @ 1:35pm

hell no! are you kidding?!

THE Lowly Peon | July 27 @ 6:03am

alright, that's wat i thought. because the last time i remember u remotely liking sports was 2nd grade for baseball.

Saulemander | July 27 @ 11:38am

no, i hated it in second grade. because little leagues put two years of kids together, i sucked every two years. but then the other year, i rocked.

i think i pitched more perfect games in third grade than buehrle has in his life.

THE Lowly Peon | July 28 @ 12:41am

Ha ha ha! Way to go, Pete!

Keri | August 8 @ 10:39pm