my new cowboy shirt!

so today i went to buy some of my polyester pants. while there, i noticed that retro cowboy shirts are freaking awesome. so i bought two. what does this mean? has texas gotten me? is the old peter gone forever? i'm scared, mom.

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January 4, 2009 @ 2:00pm . 7 comments


looks great, man!

Saulemander | January 4 @ 2:08pm

i seriously almost had a heart attack seeing this...who is this strange texan guy on peter's website?!

kate | January 4 @ 3:08pm

them's fightin' words, kate!

THE Lowly Peon | January 4 @ 3:17pm

That's awesome.

Will | January 4 @ 5:42pm

Who woulda known? Pete, a real Texan. I like it!!!

klcomp | January 6 @ 6:16pm

This picture only gets scarier every time I come to your site.

kate | January 7 @ 6:34pm

especially the intense texan stare....

Saulemander | January 8 @ 4:58pm