holly's top five Uses Of A Song In A Movie

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  Song & Artist Movie notes
1. These Days- Nico The Royal Tenenbaums as always, she was late
2. Sounds Of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel The Graduate perhaps we should do a top five best opening credits of a movie..?
3. Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta Office Space haha
4. This Time Tomorrow- The Kinks The Darjeeling Limited love that scene.. as bill murray misses the train
5. Kissing You- Desree Romeo & Juliet classic

there are so many. i could have made a top fifteen purely on song uses in wes anderson movies. other ones that came close: all i want is you- juno (another opening credit candidate?), dance magic dance- labyrinth, tiny dancer- almost famous, in your eyes- say anything, bohemian rhapsody- wayne's world, afternoon delight- anchorman, and especially stones use in wes anderson movies: i am waiting- rushmore, she smiled sweetly- royal tenenbaums, play with fire- darjeeling.. and the list goes on! sorry i mentioned so many.. it's hard to choose