peterdot's top five TV Shows

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1. The Simpsons 17
2. Arrested Development 17
3. Seinfeld 16
4. House MD 13
5. The Office 13

stefan max's top five TV Shows

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1. Twin Peaks
2. The Wire
3. The Sopranos
4. Arrested Development
5. Six Feet Under

havent seen dexter though, want to watch that one. and i like the office and my so called life is some classic shit.

kate's top five TV Shows

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1. The Office (American Version) Every girl wants to find a Jim Halpert...
2. Felicity I own way too many sweaters because of this show.
3. Bones It's like CSI with characters I actually care about...
4. Farscape Sci-Fi show...not many people have heard of it. I could watch it every day, though.

Benji!'s top five TV Shows

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1. Sex And The City I have never really understood why this show gets such a bad rap (rep? wrap?). This show is _amazing_. It has comedy. It has drama. It has sex. It has heart break. Some one once told me they thought it had bad writing, but I think that is one of its best parts. It has _very_ well developed plots and characters. I think the puns put some people off. I haven't seen it in a while though, so I don't know how it actually compares to these next ones.
2. Freaks And Geeks Now this show really has it all, except for, you know episodes. It unfortunately was only on air for one season. It always takes a little while for a TV Show to find its thing, so the first few episodes of this aren't as good as the later ones. The later ones, though... Man! They are making a run for the #1 spot!
3. Arrested Development I had a hard time getting into this show. I thought that it was mean and I thought that it was too goofy. But the more Peter watched it in the apartment last year, the more I began to enjoy it. And let me tell you, he watched it a lot. The characters all just grow on you. The real break-through happened when I realized how much the writers actually _loved_ the Bluthe family. And how much I did.
4. Friends Two words: Ross and Rachel. The first four seasons of this were amazing, but as the show went on, the characters all became sketches of themselves and it lost what was once great about it. It definitely jumped the shark.
5. Dawson's Creek This show has practically no likable characters (Pacey rules!) and a plot that doesn't really move and is not rewatchable at all. But it reminds me of a different time and all the will they won't they drama.

Runners up: + **Felicity** — Talk about drama! This show has it. And I can't decide who I like better, Ben or Noel! Though, I haven't finished the forth season yet. It is making it hard for me. I don't like any of the characters now! So for this list I am giving it the benefit of the doubt that it pulls through in the last 15 episodes. Because the other three seasons are very good. + **Buffy The Vampire Slayer** — This show was great, but it is hard to pick a genre for it. It isn't really action and it isn't really drama, though it had lots of both. Ultimately, I would describe it as a comedy. The only reason that it isn't higher is that it suffered from not having this real focus. Which really wasn't to its detriment at all. I haven't seen the first three seasons either. + **I Love Lucy** — I watched a lot of this when I was younger. I really can't remember what it was like though. and I can't really imagine sitting down to watch some of it. + **The Wonder Years** — I watched this show

The Invincible Blab's top five TV Shows

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1. Arrested Development best ever
2. Seinfeld
3. Project Runway it's way too dramatic, but i like it anyways
4. The Office the english version
5. Monk

Poppy's top five TV Shows

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1. The Daily Show
2. The Colbert Report
3. House MD Hugh Laurie AND Robert Sean Leonard? AND someone Australian?? Win win win.
4. The Office I'm sure the other versions are great; I wish I'd seen the UK one.
5. Eek! The Cat and the Terrible Thunder Lizards

THE Lowly Peon's top five TV Shows

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1. Seinfeld honestly, this show will make me laugh no matter what episode, what mood i'm in, or how many times i've seen it. bravo, jerry
2. The Simpsons if there ever is a life circumstance that can't be referred to the simpons, then i'd like to know.
3. Arrested Development possibly even higher...
4. The Twilight Zone this show is simply great
5. House MD i love this show. or rather, i loved this show. i hate to say it, but they should have ended it last season.

it's a shame that we can't put channels on this, as every show (that's not about re-modeling someone else's home) on discovery science is great. also to mention: arthur. what a great show that is

Saulemander's top five TV Shows

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1. NFL Football i think i would watch this over anything else on tv
2. The Simpsons i don't think i have ever flipped the channel away form a simpson episode
3. House MD still loving it, but it's just nto as good as the first two seasons
4. That 70's Show can't get enough of this show, re-runs are hilarious
5. Myth Busters geeks and explosions

wow, i just realized the top 4, are all on fox (chicago bears are on fox, other nfl is is also played on cbs)

Lizerbeam's top five TV Shows

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1. My So Called Life
2. Arrested Development
3. House MD
4. Monk
5. South Park

Six Feet Under, The Simpsons, Saved By the Bell and Seinfeld should be up there, too.

katelin's top five TV Shows

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1. Friends
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. Felicity
4. The Office
5. That 70's Show

holly's top five TV Shows

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1. Carnivale unfortunately HBO cancelled it after the second season. big mistake.
2. Felicity sigh
3. My So-Called Life another show that got cancelled too early, it's only got one season, but it's so great. and who wasn't in love with jordan catalano?
4. Freaks & Geeks also cancelled after one season. wtf?!?
5. Project Runway i live for wednesdays

also Grey's Anatomy and Lost should be in there. There's just not enough room for them all.

swabie scabbie's top five TV Shows

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1. The Show With Zefrank Giving me hope that I too can become a famous one-man show
2. The Daily Show interview with Bill O'Reily may have been the best ten minutes of t.v. I've ever seen
3. The Colbert Report this may be tied for number 2
4. The Simpsons/Family Guy come on, we all know they're really the same show
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward everything cool ever is in the title alone - just imagine what the episodes are like

Joel's top five TV Shows

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1. The Simpsons just makes me laugh thinking about it...
2. Family Guy utterly ridiculous
3. House MD witty and well thought out.
4. Always Sunny In Philadelphia new on the list and working its way up the ranks
5. LOST Whats better than erie coincidences

othe top 5 candidates include, The Office (both english and american versions), Coupling (english show), seinfeld and wild chicago

Keri's top five TV Shows

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1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
2. The Office
3. Sex And The City
4. Seinfeld
5. Friends

Will's top five TV Shows

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1. Seinfeld
2. The Simpsons
3. The Office British version
4. Penn And Teller: Bullshit
5. Saved By The Bell I heart Dennis Haskings